New Greek Monsters Gallery!

Thank you for all your inventive, exciting, frightening and downright disturbing Greek-style monsters! I really enjoyed them all, and hope you will enjoy exploring them too in this online gallery.

Scorlupius by Giacomo
Serperquilla by Catriona
Occulio-flos by Isla
by Tess
Terramalum by Mia
Five Senses by Max
Timebris by Elsa
Teletaur by Auden
headless person by Magda
by Zanna
by Ruth
The Tre by Broden

As well as all these great portraits, we have some monsters who were described instead of drawn.

The Hellagonatanies by Drew “are ancient creatures that are found roaming deserts aimlessly, they cannot think for themselves nor can they die so they are stuck walking around for eternity. If you look at their faces you are instantly sent into an everlasting trance and those who survive without going into a trance soon die afterwards of fear. The Hellagonatanies have either twenty to a hundred heads their dried and shrunken heads are often of those unfortunate enough to have died of thirst. The feet of the Hellagonatanies are often clawed and rough or scaly. “

The Tresunumvirens by Adam has three heads – one is always happy, one always looks like it’s plotting, and one looks depressed! It also has dog’s legs and a muscular body. Its heads and arms come out of his chest in an ungodly way. No one has ever faced it and lived…

The Biheaded Beast by Jake has two heads, six arms and three legs. One head is always smiling, and the other is always angry, with two fangs and a frown. It lives in a cave, has a club, and has a bone at the entrance to its cave.

Isabel’s monster is “thin to the bone, and its skin is pale and colourless. Its periwinkle eye shines in the night, so bright that it’s eerie. It towers above buildings, and terrifies anyone who sees it. The sun blinds it, so it only appears at night, every time threatening to never let it be morning again. Does it succeed? No. But, some say it’s only a matter of time…”.

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