Welcome to the Blog for the Iris Classics Centre at Cheney School.

We are a vibrant community learning venue for people of all ages to attend events, workshops, lessons, and exhibitions. The Centre opened in October 2013, and a schedule of events is available on our website. The Centre is founded and run by educational charity The Iris Project.

The Centre provides a permanent presence within the school for all pupils to engage with the Classics in a range of different ways, and also provides an exciting and accessible place for visitors of all ages from the local community to experience Classics. If you have a look around the website, you will get a feel for the very broad range of activities and events we run for the school and the wider public. All activities are provided with no charge, although we welcome donations to help cover our costs.

The space is decorated with vivid murals and many other features which help make it a lively and engaging place for all ages. We have a large lending library and a wide range of original and replica artefacts, as well as a collection of games, activities and information booklets. We hope that you will come and visit us soon and see the Centre in action. The Centre’s opening hours and sessions are available on our schedule page.

We are very grateful to volunteers from the University of Oxford Faculty of Classics, other institutions and the wider community, who are involved in our many classes and events. If you would like to get involved, please feel very welcome to contact us through the site!

To find out more about The Iris Project, please visit http://www.irisproject.org.uk