Classics Summer School, 22nd – 24th August 2022

This week, we were delighted to run our eighth annual classics summer school at the Iris Classics Centre at Cheney!

Over forty children aged seven to eleven arrived on the first morning to take part in a range of sea myth-themed activities over three days, as well as being introduced to Latin or ancient Greek by our dedicated team of teachers: David Hodgkinson, Rose Grossel, Matilda Jackson-Long, Ed Martin, Katie McMullin and Olivia Sandhu.

Children were put into four different classes named after well-known characters from Greek myths connected to the sea – Circe, Thetis, Poseidon and Oceanus – and took part in engaging and informative lessons in their chosen language. 

The first day was themed on the story of the Odyssey, and children were able to create Charybdis whirlpools, take part in Cyclops’ Eye archery, make Siren vases and Scylla snakes!

The second day explored Jason and the Argonauts, and there was Argo boat-making, and sea-themed mosaics.

The final day was costume competition day, and a fantastic range of costumes were on display, including whirlpools and other sea monsters like Scylla and the Sirens, Poseidons, and a number of sea nymphs. Children were able to make clay starfish and shell art.

The activities and sea-themed refreshments were very ably supported by our assistants, Tess Gimson and Rachel Robinson. 

We are hugely grateful to all the children who took part in the summer school, and to our wonderful team of teachers and helpers who made the whole event possible. 

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