Dionysia 2022: The Birds

Dionysia 2022 presents The Birds!

Boris and Matt Hancock, sick and tired of the public hassling them over breaking the rules they made, decide to found a new city in the sky.

How will they achieve their dream of the perfect city?

What will they call it?

And who will help – or hinder – them along the way?

With the help of an unlikely range of characters, follow their journey as they strive to realise their utopian vision!

Cast List

Oscar: Boris Johnson

Laurie: Matt Hancock

Sam: Dominic Cummings/ Boris’ minion

Miguey: Elon Musk Nikhil:

Eton boy TJ: UK Representative

Trailer: Miguey.

Poster: Laurie

Script: TJ

You can watch the trailer here:

You can watch some clips from their performance here:


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