Dionysia 2022: Artemis’ Frogs

Dionysia 2022 presents Artemis’ Frogs!

It’s the depths of Hades, and Dionysus is struggling to choose the best poet to bring back, to cheer everyone up after months of lockdowns and/or partying.

How will he choose?

Watch the contest to end all contests as Euripides and Aeschylus battle it out to become the best poet and win the award of returning to earth.

Cast List

Euripides – Aislinn

Aeschylus – Emily

Persephone – Amelie

Xanthias and Slave – Robin and Tom

Hades – Tom

Dionysus – Robin

Watch their trailer here:

Watch some excerpts from their performance at the Dionysia here:

Part of the contest between Euripides and Aeschylus

Frogs Chorus to finish the play


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