New Mosaic Sign Installed!

Yesterday, after months of work by Year Seven and Eight students at Cheney School, a mosaic sign featuring the goddess Iris was installed at the Iris Classics Centre at Cheney. The design was chosen by Professor Mary Beard as part of a competition with a range of designs submitted by students.

Last autumn, the Iris Project launched a competition to design a new banner for the Iris Classics Centre. Over many years, the original banner above the window of the classics centre has been bleached by the sun, so it was in need of a new one. Classicist Professor Mary Beard kindly offered to judge the entries. Mary chose two runners-up and a winner.

The winning entry was Peter Goodrich Jones in Year Ten at Cheney. Mary said: “I loved this because it really made the most of the idea of a banner, with its tremendous bold bright rainbow colours floating out behind Iris. But at the same time there is clever classical detail for those who look. It’s a great metaphor for Classics: exciting, eye-catching but worth studying the detail.”

Inspired by runner-up entry in Year Seven, Lucas Francis, who chose a beautiful mosaic design, a team of Year Seven and Eight students spent two months working under the guidance of local mosaicist Clare Goodall to create a mosaic out of the design, which was installed this week at the school.

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