The Greek Underworld comes to Cheney

On Friday 1st April, the Rumble Museum Council brought the ancient Greek Underworld “to life” for Cheney students and staff, and a wide range of visitors.

On arrival, visitors were introduced to Charon, the ferryman, before being asked to pay him an obol for entry. Some students were running an obol-making stall to help people continue their journey. Once through the gates of the Underworld, there were a range of characters to meet, stalls and activities to take part in.

Hades was running a storytelling stall, narrating well-known tales from the land of the dead, and tempting visitors with a bowl of fresh pomegranate seeds. The Hekatoncheiries and Cerberus were running a games stall, with eye ball prizes, and Medusa was in charge of a jewellery stall for people to take away Medusa eye and snake rings and necklaces.

Melinoe and another underworld daemon were running a mocktails stall, and Persephone and her team were offering a range of tasty refreshments. Visitor could also explore the rivers of the underworld and take part in a memory game run by another shade.

The event was also launching Primordial Soup and Pick ‘n’ Styx, two graphic novels created by Cheney School Latin students, and illustrated by the incredibly talented Lydia Hall, who was running an illustrations stall with her partner Max. A harpy was also running an Underworld drawings stall nearby!

It was brilliant to welcome so many visitors, and well done to our Museum Council team for the relentless energy and creativity!

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