Pick ‘n’ Styx: A Graphic Novel

We are delighted to announce that we are holding a book launch for “Pick ‘n’ Styx”, a graphic novel written by Year Eight Classics students at Cheney School is now out!

You can read the full book here (please click on the cover):

Last autumn, our Year Eight Latin students created Primordial Soup, a graphic novel full of stories about the embittered, overthrown older gods, living out their lives in modern day Oxford.

This autumn, a new group of Year Eights have taken on the challenge of a sequel! This time, though, the tables are turned, and the Olympians have been trapped in the Underworld, and are facing a range of unexpected and unappealing situations.

We are very lucky to once again have been joined in this project by local artist Lydia Hall. Lydia worked with the students on the artwork for the story, and turned their artwork and ideas into a cohesive graphic novel. You can see her beautiful illustrations in these pages! 

We are so grateful to have been supported by a grant from TORCH for this exciting initiative. Pages of these stories will be displayed at the Ashmolean Dante Late Night Opening on 26th November 2021.

We hope you enjoy these tales!

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