Classics Banner Competition: Entries and Winners!

Last term, we launched a competition to design a new banner for the Iris Classics Centre. Over many years, the original banner above the window of the classics centre has been bleached by the sun, so we are in need of a new one!

We were very fortunate that classicist Professor Mary Beard offered to judge the entries. Mary has now chosen two runners-up and a winner, and given some comments on each below.

The winning entry was Peter Goodrich Jones. You can see his entry below.

Mary said: “I loved this because it really made the most of the idea of a banner, with its tremendous bold bright rainbow colours floating out behind Iris. But at the same time there is clever classical detail for those who look. It’s a great metaphor for Classics: exciting, eye-catching but worth studying the detail.”

Winning entry: Peter Goodrich Jones

One of the runners-up was Helena Kahn. Mary said about her entry: “This is another wonderfully bold design, with surprises — like the pyramid in the background, reminding us not to forget the wider Mediterranean world of which ‘Greece and Rome’ is a part.

Runner-up: Helena Kahn

The other runner-up was Lucas Francis. Mary said: “There is more great boldness here, as well as a lovely contrast between the mosaic rainbow and the delicate irises. The idea of setting one of the most characteristic art forms of the ancient world (the mosaic) within a natural background is great.”

Runner-up: Lucas Francis

Mary said of all the entries: “These are wonderful entries and congratulations to everyone”.

We are very grateful to Mary for judging, and for everyone who entered their very thoughtful, imaginative and striking designs for the competition. You can explore our other entries below!

Austin Dearden
Esther Samuel
Abida Hussain
Isabelle McDermott, Amelie Greetham and Marissa Dawson
Lily Brookes
Theo Goodrich Jones
Mia James

We will work with a local artist over the coming months to turn the winning design, plus elements of the others, into a new Iris Classics Centre banner!

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