Cronus and The Golden Age

In this week’s lessons, we looked at one of the most well-known primordial gods: a Titan called Cronus. We saw how Cronus overpowered his own father, Ouranos, at the encouragement of his mother, Gaia, but then he himself was troubled by a similar prophecy that his own child would rise up against him. As a result, he would eat all of his children as soon as they were born! His wife, Rhea, soon grew tired of this, and tricked him with a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes. She then hid the infant on Crete, where he was brought up by nymphs and grew up to be Zeus. Zeus became a servant in the palace of Cronus, and then gave him a drink that made him vomit up all the other children. These children were the Olympian gods.

We then translated chapter two of Telling Tales in Latin, which tells the story of the Four Ages of Mankind, starting with the Golden Age, under the reign of Saturn, when everything was shared and peaceful, and eventually descending to the violence and greed of the Iron Age.

We had a class discussion about whether you felt things had got better or worse since the early times of humans. Some of you felt that things were much better, due to technology, medicine and human rights, whereas others pointed out that climate change and pollution were major problems of the present day.

Finally, we looked at the periodic table and the abbreviations of the elements, which derive from their Latin names.

We will have a test of chapter one and two vocabulary next Friday!

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