Classics Centre Banner Competition!

Over many years, the original banner above the window of the classics centre has been bleached by the sun, so we are in need of a new one! We are therefore launching a school wide competition to design a new banner for the Classics Centre. We are very fortunate that classicist Professor Mary Beard will be judging the entries.

The design would need to fit onto a banner with a width of 8 feet, and a height of 3 feet. 

We would like it to incorporate a rainbow in some way (the symbol of the ancient Greek messenger goddess Iris), and it will need to have the name “Iris Classics Centre” clearly visible as part of the design. Other than that, it is up to you! 

Please submit your design to this google form  (or as a paper copy by finding me in the Classics Centre) by Friday 22nd October

All year groups are welcome to take part. The winning design will feature as our new banner, and prizes will be awarded to the winner and two -runner-up designs. All designs will be put on display on our website and around school. House points will be awarded to all students who enter. 

Any students who would like support with designs are welcome to come to the Classics Centre on Tuesday lunchtimes to work on their ideas. 

Please note this competition is only open to students from Cheney School.

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